ABCDE Conferences

ABCDE Conferences

Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)

The Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) is a unique platform designed to expand the flow of ideas between thinkers, practitioners and policy-makers within the field of international development.

Every year the ABCDE brings together academics, politicians, representatives of civil society organizations, students and journalists from all over the world. The conference has been closely linked with the international agenda, offering a platform for the exchange of ideas on the G8 Summit, the European Union Presidency and other global events. Throughout the years, the ABCDE has brought prominent world figures into dialogue with researchers, students and NGO leaders.

RAD and the ABCDE

RAD members are encouraged to participate in the ABCDE conference. Traditionally, at each ABCDE the RAD organized 3-5 parallel sessions and participates in the works of the ABCDE Steering Committee as an independent consultive body, thus helping shape the program of the conference. The RAD Annual Meeting is typically held back to back with the ABCDE conference, as well as a number of other events in which the RAD is a partner, e.g. the International Essay Competition.

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The next ABCDE will be held in South Africa in June 2008.

ABCDE Slovenia, 2007

ABCDE 2007 took place in Bled, Slovenia, on May 17-18, 2007. The conference will be co-organized by the World Bank and the Government of Slovenia. The conference will have as the overall theme ‘Private Sector and Development’.

ABCDE Tokyo, 2006

This conference took place in Tokyo, on May 29-30, 2006. The theme of the conference was Infrastructure and Development.

ABCDE Amsterdam, 2005

Under the overarching theme of Securing Development in an Unstable World the latest global ABCDE took place in Amsterdam on May 23-24, 2005. ABCDE 2005 was co-organized by the World Bank, The Ministry of Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Finance of The Netherlands.

Regional ABCDEs

Apart from global ABCDEs, each year a regional ABCDE takes place. The latest event was held in Beijing, China, on January 16-17, under the theme of “Higher Education and Development”.

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