“From Research to Policy” Lecture Series

“From Research to Policy” Lecture Series

NEW: Watch the interview with David Dollar!Researchthelogo_webis a new initiative developed co-organized by the World Bank and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, in partnership with the Researchers Alliance for Development (RAD).

The Lecture Series will bring together Master level students of leading schools of public policy in Europe and Asia to reflect on the following set of issues:

Does research evidence find reflection in policy decisions? Does politics affect research agendas and methods? Do academics and politicians listen to each other? How does policy making influence research priorities and methods?

Invited speakers will be prominent public figures, who have made a transition in their professional careers ‘from research to policy’ or ‘from policy to research’, that is:

  • Are currently engaging in research, but have experience as policy makers (e.g. government officials)


  • Are currently involved in policy making, but have experience as researchers.

The From Research to Policy lecture series aims to:

  • Provide the audience with an understanding of real life challenges in development research from prominent academics and decision-makers.
  • Facilitate learning across continents intended for research and policy audiences with several schools of public policy in Asia and Europe.

First lecture took place on November 7, 2007, with David Dollar, Country Director for China and Mongolia; former Director of the Development Research Group, The World Bank.
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