World Bank Resources

RAD Info-Kiosk
The Kiosk is open to all RAD members and specially customized to fit their needs. On the RAD InfoKiosk, you can view World Bank documents, statistical databases, and publications that you need for your research work. The InfoKiosk presents World Bank information sources in a simple manner, with easy online tutorials.

World Bank publications
A number of World Bank publications are offered online for free or can be purchased in a hard copy.

World Bank Research and Data website
The Data and Research website is the biggest source of development information produced by the World Bank.

Research at the World Bank (pdf, 2 MB) – Presentation explaining the organization of research at the World Bank, topics, methods etc.

Issue Briefs
Issue Briefs explain a development issue and the Bank’s work in the area.

Knowledge in Development Notes
“Knowledge in Development Notes” provide brief summaries of the state of knowledge on important areas of development. More…

Archives and Journals

A chronological record of World Bank activities from 1946 to the present is drawn from over 135,000 cubic feet of paper records. Items are available through online searches and catalog listings, or by separate arrangements for specific research projects.

World Bank Journals
View abstracts and download current and past issues of The World Bank Research Observer and The World Bank Economic Review.

The World Bank in your country
The Public Information Centers of the World Bank provide places to share knowledge and gather feedback. They also give access to a variety of data and operational information. The PICs provide visitors with information on development, project documents, the Bank’s work, government and other partners’ publications and information. Most Public Information Centers also offer Internet access for browsing the Bank’s and other development partners’ online resources.

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